Articles by Dan Albert

Aug 03, 2020

Covid's Corporate Welfare Kings

Funneling taxpayer money to Uber’s bottom line

USED TO BE THAT GIG WORK­ERS were those cool cats blow­ing a mean sax into the wee hours. After the show they’d be sip­ping Cana­di­an Club with the quar­tet until sun­rise. Now even the tone deaf can get a gig. All you need is a car and the will­ing­ness to shop for some­one else’s gro­ceries, deliv­er car­ry­out, or chauf­feur ran­dom strangers.

Jul 09, 2020

The Nanny Cars are Coming, or Not

We do not intro­duce a speed lim­iter!” Euro­pean Par­lia­ment mem­ber Róża Thun said emphatically.

Jul 08, 2020

Henry Ford, Allan Nevins, and the Making of History

Although aca­d­e­m­ic his­to­ri­ans of the last gen­er­a­tion have giv­en voice to new per­spec­tives and the­o­ries of his­tor­i­cal change around Ford, the text­book view has not strayed far from the nar­ra­tive con­struct­ed by Ford’s biographers.

May 01, 2020

Commuting After Covid

Mobility in the Pandemic Future

I don’t pre­dict, but I hope, that we move for­ward inten­tion­al­ly, with a vision of how we build a trans­porta­tion sys­tem to serve the soci­ety as we want it to be.

Apr 01, 2020

Connected World

It took a pandemic to halt NYC’s unfair crackdown on delivery workers’ e-bikes

The work­ers who rides these for­bid­den e‑bikes are most­ly Chi­nese and Lat­inx, many of them immi­grants, some undoc­u­ment­ed. When offi­cers nab a rid­er, they issue a $500 fine and impound the bike.