Interviews & Reviews

Dec 17, 2020

Something You Should Know with Mike Carruthers

Why We Love Our Cast & What Happens if You Live to 100

How did the automobile become such a big part of our lives in a relatively short period of time?

Dec 10, 2020

Greetings From Somewhere

The Future of The American Road Trip

How are the pandemic and societal tensions affecting the reality of today's road trip? And what will road trips look like in 50 years? Tariro Mzezewa, Alvin Hall, and Dan Albert help host Zach Mack unpack.

Nov 04, 2019

The American sedan is dead. So what comes next?

For decades, these cars ruled American roads. But changes in design and consumer taste doomed them. It’s just about over for the American sedan.

Aug 23, 2019

Connections on WXXI Radio

Are cars in America reaching the end of the road?

Guests: Dan Albert and Howard Decker, architect and board member of the Community Design Center of Rochester.

Aug 17, 2019

Waymo’s Self-driving Tech Needs One Big Thing to Succeed

... More Humans

This Arizona town is overrun with self-driving cars — here’s what it’s like